Oakwood Veneer Presents EarthSmart Veneer
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The Luxury of
Fine Wood Veneers

The finish on EarthSmart Veneer is extraordinary. It feels and looks like the finest of woods without appearing like laminates. You really have to touch it to see what we've achieved with our 7 Step process of double sanding, double coating, and triple curing.

Unfortunately, the EarthSmart product is too new to show finished furniture and architectural projects. Our customers, however, have contributed images of our standard wood veneer products. As we receive photographs of our new EarthSmart line, we will add them to the mix.

When you complete your EarthSmart project, be sure to send us pictures so we can show them to our online guests. Submitted pictures must be adequately detailed and high resolution, well-lit, and must clearly highlight usage of EarthSmart or standard wood veneer.
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