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  The Features of EarthSmart Veneer
In addition to its ecological values, EarthSmart Veneer provides architects
and fine craftsmen with the qualities they seek for their most important projects.

Feature EarthSmart Veneer
by Oakwood Veneer
Many Other
Prefinished Veneers
Sizes Comes on 4’X8’ and 4’X10’ sheets with other sizes available by special order* including crossgrain 8’X4’ and 10’X4’ Several companies offer only 4’X8’ size and no special orders of any size
EarthSmart Veneer has the world’s most beautiful pre-finish, which is environmentally-friendly and health friendly Their prefinish is average looking at best and may be harmful to both the environment and people’s health
and Texture
Looks and feels like real, luxurious wood Looks and feels like plastic laminate. Why pay all the extra money if you can’t even tell whether it is real wood or not?
Manufacturing Location All of our EarthSmart Veneers are manufactured in Troy, Michigan. Manufacturing completed overseas in China or Italy
Backers Available on the finest phenolic backer in the industry. It has a brown line instead of black, is more flexible, water resistant, and is cutable with a utility knife More rigid and inflexible phenolic backer which is not water resistant, needs power tools to cut, and has a noticeable black line on the edge
Guarantee Guaranteed Free of Defects and Zero Restocking Fees for Unused Portions** No guarantee and significant restocking fees of up to 50%

What if I am not interested in the pre-finish?

Each species is also available in unfinished sheets, however these
may or may not be immediately in stock. Please call for a time frame.

* Special Order for Sizes, Backers, and Laid-up Boards not returnable except in cases of defects

** No restocking fees applied to extra unused veneer when an overestimation has occurred. This does not apply to entire returned orders except in the case of defects.

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